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How To Measure “Self-Directed Learner”?

If you are like the 120 schools that we've partnered with (consulted, coached, or trained), you'd probably be asking the same, if not similar, question. Can I use exam results, is it too focused on academic? Should I design my own school-based assessment, but what about validity and reliability? What about surveys, is it too subjective? We have … [Read More]

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How To Conduct An Evaluation

One definition of evaluation states that it is a regular measurement of the effectiveness of approaches and their implementation. It goes to say that information acquired from the analysis of collated data and knowledge gleaned from learning are used to … [Read More]


Is SWOT Analysis The Same As An Environmental Scan?

Did You Know? It is not uncommon that many people think that an environmental scan is the same as a SWOT analysis. An environmental scan is the collection and categorization of information from internal and external sources. While a SWOT analysis is the … [Read More]